What services do you offer? 
Our GPs are highly experienced and able to advise you with any issue that you would normally take to your NHS GP. Each Winchester GP consultation lasts 20 minutes, in surgery. You are welcome to book a double appointment, if desired. We can use this time together to address any health concerns or issues that you may have. We are happy to advise on more than one issue in a single appointment, if time allows. Please note that we refer on to specialists for the following procedures: coil fitting, contraceptive implant, joint injection, minor surgery, travel services. 

Do I have to subscribe or be a member? 
No, Winchester GP is entirely subscription free and open to all. We have deliberately kept our fee structure simple, so that you only pay for us when you need us. Every single appointment booking is marked 'Very Important Patient', whether you visit us once a year or several times, and whether you use us exclusively, or alongside your NHS GP. We aim to earn your loyalty through excellent service and care, rather than charging you for it up front.  

How do I register?
It is not essential for you to register with us in advance, and we are happy to see you without a prior registration. However, if at all possible, it is really helpful to have some medical background to start with, so if you have time, please complete our registration form either in word or via secure online form, according to your preference. 

What will happen in my consultation? 
In your consultation, you will have ample time to explain your health concerns. Your doctor will take a full case history and undertake any appropriate examinations. Many issues can be resolved in a single appointment. Otherwise, we will talk you through next steps and any further investigations. If required, we will provide you with a prompt referral to a specialist. The cost of further procedures and investigations will vary according to your chosen provider. We will give you guide pricing during your consultation. Please check with your private health insurance provider for clarification as to what they will cover for you.  

I use my NHS GP, can I use Winchester GP too? 
Absolutely! Winchester GP encourages you to keep your NHS registration, and will promptly provide you with all the records we hold on you, so that they can be transferred to your NHS record, if you so wish. 

Is your service confidential? 
Confidentiality underpins the integrity of the doctor patient relationship. Our service is governed by the strict standards of confidentiality set by the GMC (General Medical Council). Furthermore, we are entirely independent, and in keeping with GMC regulation, will only share information with other providers when you give us permission, or when legally compelled to do so. Patient information is processed within the practice for the purpose of providing direct care. You may request a copy of our confidentiality policy by emailing

What about data protection? 
Winchester GP adheres strictly to current data protection regulation in the UK and is aligned with the incoming EU GDPR implementing in May 2018. For those registered with us as patients, we hold data on the basis of ‘vital interests’ and hold that data for the recommended period from the Information Governance Alliance in July 2016 of 10 years after the death of the patient or for 100 years if it is not known whether the patient is deceased. If you are not a patient but have requested information, we will only contact you if you have specifically requested to hear more from us. Further, should you wish to be removed from our list and have details of the information we hold, we are happy to provide either service free of charge and within one week. 

Will my private health insurance pay for my Winchester GP consultation?
This varies according to your provider, and your specific policy. Please check your policy details. When an onward referral is necessary, you are, of course, welcome to choose your specialist according to your private health care insurer's requirements. 

What ongoing training do Winchester GPs receive?
Winchester GP is committed to exceeding the continuing professional development (CPD) recommendations of the Royal College of General Practitioners, and our doctors undertake annual appraisal and are revalidated by the General Medical Council in exactly the same way as their NHS colleagues. All of our practitioners are hand picked for their genuine passion for general primary care medicine, and work diligently to remain at the leading edge of their field. 

Can I change my booking?
You may make unlimited changes to your booking up to 24 hours ahead of your appointment time. Winchester GP operates a strict 24 hour cancellation policy. This enables us to keep overall fees to patients as affordable as possible, whilst adhering to industry standard payment terms for our clinicians.

Do you offer vaccinations? 
Winchester GP is delighted to work in partnership with Dr Sunila Jog, consultant paediatrician, to offer highly specialised, competitively priced paediatric vaccination services. Dr Jog holds clinics throughout Hampshire, at BMI Sarum Road in Winchester, The Hampshire Clinic in Basingstoke and The Spire Clare Park Hospital in Farnham.

I'd like to learn more, do you have a patient information leaflet? 
Our patient information leaflet may be downloaded here. Alternatively, please feel free to call us on 01962 776010 and we will be happy to advise you. 

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