Winchester GP has a simple pricing policy, with no subscriptions or signing on fees. Our charges are for consultation time, and include any standard investigations or procedures that may be carried out by our doctor in that time. Our fees also include any administration that arises from your consultation (including referral letters, sick notes etc.). If an onward referral is necessary, or you require more specialist procedures or investigations, the cost of these will vary according to your chosen provider. Your doctor will give you guide pricing. If using private medical insurance, we advise you to check with your provider for clarification as to what they will cover for you.

Surgery Appointment  

£85 for 20 minutes

Double and triple appointments may be booked

Book online or on 01962 776010

Home Visit

£200 Mon-Fri

£250 Weekends

Telephone booking only  

 01962 776010

Telephone Consultation

£35 for 10 minutes

Within a 1 hour time slot

Book online or 01962 776010

NB: Please note that we refer on to specialists for the following procedures: coil fitting, contraceptive implant, joint injection, minor surgery, travel services. 

Our standard in surgery appointment is 20 minutes, which usually allows ample time to explore your health concerns. You are, however, welcome to book a double appointment if you wish. Your doctor will take a full case history and undertake any appropriate examinations. Many issues can be resolved in a single appointment. Otherwise, we will talk you through next steps and any further investigations. If required, we will provide you with a prompt referral to a specialist. The cost of further procedures and investigations will vary according to your chosen provider. We will give you guide pricing during your consultation. Please check with your private health insurance provider for clarification as to what they will cover for you.  

Payment will be taken at time of booking, via credit or debit card.

Cancellations or changes: 24 hours notice 

Repeat prescriptions
We are happy to issue repeat prescriptions for you, if required. We do not charge for this service. However, each request will be reviewed in person by your doctor, and he/she will decide whether a consultation is needed, either by phone or in person, before issuing the prescription. Any consultations required will be charged at the relevant rates above. Further information can be obtained in our FAQs.

For a downloadable/printable patient leaflet, please click here