Indigestion- the inside story

Only just over a month until Christmas! That time of year when all of us are prone to overindulge.. and then live to feel the consequences shortly afterwards. Here we have the inside story on indigestion from our own Dr Stephanie Hughes

Many people experience occasional heartburn, or indigestion, especially after eating or drinking a bit too much of the wrong things. For most of us, symptoms of indigestion (burning pain in your upper abdomen/bottom of the chest after eating; excessive belching; feeling as though water is splashing up into your mouth when you lie down flat) indicate nothing serious; however, if you are worried about your indigestion symptoms, or have experienced any of the following:

  • unexplained/unintentional weight loss
  • vomiting blood or “coffee grounds” (black bits in vomit)
  • black, sticky, tarry stools (poos)
  • becoming full really easily, and/or being unable to eat or swallow
  • severe abdominal pain, or chest pain 
  • becoming pale, or out of puff when walking upstairs

Then please make an appointment to see your doctor – it may well be nothing, but it’s better to check things out. Potentially serious causes of these symptoms are rare, but the earlier they are detected, the easier it is for us to treat. 

Wishing you well, The WinchesterGP team.


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