Mindfulness- What is it, and how can it help you?

In a continuation of our mental health blog posts for Mental Health Awareness Week, mindfulness coach Mandy Papas (Positively YOU Hypnotherapy, www.pyou.co.uk) explains this technique and how each one of us can benefit from incorporating it in our every day lives.

Are you a Human Being or a Human Doing?

Do you really listen and look at those around you? Do you appreciate the ones you love and respect? Are you just going through the motions of life or are you really living it?   Do you arrive at work without remembering the journey or make a drink without remembering how you made it? Do you eat your food without realising what you are eating or noticing if you are even hungry?! Is stress and anxiety taking over? Are you struggling to cope with the pressures of modern living?

If you answered yes to any or all of the above then it may be time to consider being more mindful.

Mindfulness seems to be the buzz word at the moment although this effective way of living was developed in ancient times. It is has been studied extensively since the late 1970’s and modern mindful meditation is a mental skill that can be utilised in the workplace, at home, whilst eating, sleeping…in fact it can be integrated into all areas of your life. It is a cognitive technology available for everyone.  It uses the power of meditation and being ‘in the present’ for health, well being and relaxation.

Mindfulness means “paying attention on purpose, in the present moment, with qualities like compassion, curiosity and acceptance”

Mindfulness helps us become more aware of our thoughts and feelings so that instead of feeling overwhelmed by them, we feel able to manage them. Practising mindfulness can give you a greater awareness of your emotions, boost your attention and concentration and improve relationships.

Mindfulness can also help you to:

·       Reduce stress, anxiety, depression and pain

·       Step out of the Auto Pilot

·       Enhance your sense of wellbeing

·       Enhance your creativity and emotional intelligence

·       Learn how to respond rather than react

·       Learn how to live in the present moment away from past negative habitual responses

·       Enhance your sense of resilience and performance

·       Boost your immunity

To learn more about how mindfulness can enhance your well being, speak to Drs Tom, Steph or Hina at Winchester GP, or contact Mandy Papas at positivelyyou@btinternet.com.